VLOG: Murder, they wrote

#10, Wk 19-21

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People often say that we’re living in a golden age for podcasts. Maybe, but in this instance it’s the Dutch media that finds itself in the dock. The fallout from a high profile murder case provided the raw material, but it’s the tough questions about journalists which made NPO’s Deventer Mediasaak podcast a sensation.

Coming this week

This Friday May 14, I’ll post on the incredible true story of a podcast that’s stoked a fire under the Dutch media. You couldn’t make this stuff up: an innocent man falsely accused of murder by a leading opinion pollster - who has since threatened his own podcast in retaliation. It all adds up to a deft exposé of the black arts deployed by commentators and pundits who make, measure and distort public opinion.

More from me in this sub-1 minute video update:

Both the audience reach and quality of podcasts is improving at a brisk clip, but Deventer Mediasaak has raised the bar on several counts - not least for its revisiting of the evidence in a murder already well-explored in the news. Film-maker Annegriet Wietsma made the podcast after reckoning with depths of controversy, speculation and media ethics that defied her usual medium.

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