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A candid digest of media comment and opinion from the Netherlands.

Welcome to 2nd Opinion, a regular briefing from the front lines of the Dutch media.

I'm Mark, a British writer living in Amsterdam. This newsletter aims to capture the breadth (or narrowness) of Dutch perspectives on culture, business and politics. With art and films.

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I look for the most insightful, revealing or just quirky stories in print or online — whether the action is local or further afield. One topic per post, generously defined. One or two posts most weeks.

A note on editorial: I’m an ex-foreign correspondent, yoked to the old standard of objectivity. What I report is de manier waarop de kranten het zeggen, the way the newspapers tell it. Of course, this is the 21st century and we all know objectivity is a myth. So I’m trying to find what’s pittig: the spicy, sweet or sour. Nutritious or not.

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Please help this foray in cross-cultural understanding. Feel free to comment, critique and point me in the right direction. When I miss something useful or telling, send it my way.

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